Touch HMI

World’s first connected brake levers

Ride connected. Ride safe

A great riding experience and a great commuting experience can come together. Deeply investing into Safety, Connectivity and Intuitiveness, we are thrilled to present Touch.

Navigate the city, accept calls and browse the soundtrack of your ride with multi-touch interface and non-distracting display.

Manage calls

Accept calls with just a swipe.


Get turn-by-turn directions to your destination.

Control music

Play, pause or adjust the volume of your favourite music.


Turning your brake lever into a two-way communication device, Sense completely transforms the way you interact with the digital world while commuting.

Touch interface

Give commands with an easy tap.

Visual feedback

Stay connected with no distractions.

Two brake levels

Keep your options within reach.

Companion Appby SpeenBikes

  • Cycling metrics tracking
    Check your speed, traveled distance, and elevation gain.
  • Smartphone control with Sense™
    Control your smartphone with your hands on the handlebar.
  • Theft-prevention
    Get notifications from your bike in case intense vibrations are detected.
  • Fall detection
    In case of emergency, your bike will automatically notify your trusted contact of your exact location.

Get started with Touch through Guard or React bundles.

Guard Pro

Sense Guard reinforces the bike’s core, offering safety, security connectivity and rich usage insights while lighting up the path.

Explore Guard

React Pro

Intelligent, ultra lightweight e-bike system. Makes riding experience as easy as it should be.

Explore React

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As excited as we are?

When it's Safety or connectivity, choose both.

  • As modern commuters, we know how important it is to effectively navigate the urban territory, manage calls and control music while on the go.

    Yet, up until today, the commuter had to sacrifice safety over connectivity, or vice versa.

    This was not an option for us.

Compatible with most of the Brakes on the street

Compatible with urban, city, trekking, mountain, cargo and folding bikes/e-bikes that use:

  • V-Brakes
  • Mechanical Disk Brakes
  • Shimano Hydraulic Disk Brakes

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