React System

One Step Ahead

Smarter, stronger & lighter

React offers Avatar-level intuitiveness. Pedalling feels more natural than ever with extra power coming just when you need it.

Meanwhile yet under the hood, the power output is calculated up to 100 times per second, based on terrain, slope and your riding style effort.

Optimized for commuters

Smartphone control with Sense™ HMI
50-80km Range

(Battery x2 for tourers) upcoming

Ultra light design

(from 3.5kg of total added weight)

250W power-dense hub motor
Man vs Meets Machine

With Avatar-level intuitiveness, pedalling feels more natural than ever.

Extra power when you need it

High pedaling effort detection and instant amplification without a torque sensor

Ease at any slope or terrain

Automatic recognition of terrain quality or slope and smart electric assist

Higher energy efficiency

Up to 15% higher energy efficiency compared to market average
Battery pack options

Intuitive implementation inside or out of the bicycle frame.



Downtube Design Requirements

e-Unlock (forget about keys)
Single-button control
Mobile connected
Exoskeleton battery extension (optional)

360 WH

20 × Samsung 21700 Cells



No specific bike requirements

Bottle-cage fit
Single-button control
Mobile connected

380 WH

30 × Panasonic 18650 Cells

250 WH

20 × Panasonic 18650 Cells


Powerful 250 Watt, 40 Nm rear hub motor delivers solid acceleration directly to the wheels avoiding chain or belt-drive losses.

With intuitive riding fulfilled, there are a couple of ways to push the riding experience


Brake levers are transformed into a two-way communication device, offering unique connectivity and safety while riding.

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